Point Dollar is an all-new payment solution available at 25 SHKP malls across Hong Kong. As a member, you can convert the points earned into Point Dollars and spend as cash when you eat, shop and play at 2,000+ participating merchants.
Participating Merchants
Use Point Dollar
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The participating merchant list above will be updated from time to time; members can check with individual merchants’ staff for confirmation.
How to Convert Points into Point Dollar and Spend as Cash?
Press “The Point” button and choose “Point Dollar”
Key in the Point Dollar amount to be used* and press “Confirm Payment”
*Minimum spending amount is HK$10 Point Dollar (250 points = HK$1 Point Dollar)
3. Present the QR code to shop staff of participating merchants to scan# and complete payment with Point Dollar
#The QR Code is valid for 60 seconds. Points used and Point Dollar spent will be deducted from your account upon successful scanning of the QR code and are not refundable.
1. What is Point Dollar?
Point Dollar is a new reward program launched by The Point. Members can redeem Point Dollar with the bonus points via The Point App. Every 250 bonus points can be used as HK$1 Point Dollar to be spent in a transaction at Point Dollar participating merchants. Members shall convert at least HK$10 Point Dollar with no maximum cap.
2. Which are the participating merchants that accept Point Dollar?
Please refer to ‘Participating Merchants’ on the website of The Point. Participating merchant list will be updated from time to time, and members may check with individual merchants’ staff for confirmation.
3. How to convert bonus points into Point Dollar?
Login to member’s account via The Point App, select “Point Dollar”, key in the exact amount and press 'Confirm Payment', a QR code representing the spending amount will be generated. Simply present the QR code to the shop staff to scan. After successful scanning, “Payment Success” will be shown with the transaction date and time.
4. Is there any usage time limit of Point Dollar?
The QR code which converted bonus points into Point Dollar will be expired every 60 seconds. Once the code is expired, member can re-generate the code. If the QR code is not scanned within 60 seconds, both Point Dollar and bonus points will not be deducted.
5 Is there any minimum spending of the Point Dollar?
Every 2,500 bonus points can convert to HK$10 Point Dollar. Minimum spending is HK$10 Point Dollar, or its multiple is required for every single transaction. No maximum restriction.
6. Is there any expiry date for Point Dollar conversion?
Point Dollar must be used at Participating Merchants right after converting from bonus points. To use Point Dollar, you must convert bonus point into Point Dollar via The Point app before the points expired and spend immediately at Participating Merchants. If the bonus points have expired, it means that you can no longer be able to convert bonus points into Point Dollar.
7. Can the converted Point Dollar be return in bonus points?
The QR Code representing the converted Point Dollar must be successfully scanned by tenant’s electronic device to complete the payment by Point Dollar. Therefore, Point Dollar which are converted but the QR Code has not been scanned will automatically resume to bonus points.
8. Can Point Dollar being refunded when I request sales refund from Participating Merchants?
Point Dollar that converted by bonus points and which the QR code is successfully scanned at Participating Merchants are not reversible nor refundable.
9. Is Point Dollar transferable or donated? Can it be converted into cash or bonus points?
Point Dollar is not transferable and cannot be converted into cash or back to bonus points.
10. Can members pay Point Dollar in advance?
No, members have to convert bonus points into Point Dollar via The Point App and spend immediately at participating merchants.
11. How can the member check the Point Dollar balance?
Login to member’s account via The Point App, select “Points Balance” for the bonus points balance, every 250 bonus points can be converted to HK$1 Point Dollar.
12. If the transaction amount is lower than the amount paid in Point Dollars, can a member still pay by Point Dollars?
No, the transaction amount must be equal to or higher than the amount paid in Point Dollars. For example, if the transaction amount is HK$49, a member can pay with $10, $20, $30 or $40 Point Dollars, but not HK$50 Point Dollars. Point Dollars cannot be exchanged for cash under any circumstances.
13. Can the spending paid with Point Dollar be used for bonus points registration?
Point Dollar is a reward converted by bonus points, therefore the spending amount settled by Point Dollar cannot earn bonus points. However, the remaining transaction amount after deducting Point Dollar can be used to earn bonus points.
14. Can Point Dollar and SHKP Mall Gift Certificates (including Physical Gift Certificates and e-Gift Certificates) be used on the same transaction?
Yes, Point Dollar can be used in conjunction with SHKP Mall Gift Certificates.
15. Can members use Point Dollar to purchase cash / any type of coupon?
Point Dollar is not eligible for any transaction of value-adding services, purchasing coupons/ e-coupons/ gift vouchers/ gift cards and membership fee payment.